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Family and Friends,


*     *     *

Recently I got an email saying I was the recipient of $250 million

because of something or other, I forget why.  I really figured it was

like some others I have gotten; you know what I mean –  bogus!  You

probably have gotten some of your own.  I forwarded it to my

husband to check it out.  He told me upon first hearing it that it was a

scam.  I asked him to check it out- just in case!  Which he finally did 

later on when he got around to it, and sure enough, it was a scam!

 And  by the way  I thought it was $250 million but it was $250 

thousand, quite a difference!

*     *     *

Meanwhile, I thought of what I would do with 250 million dollars. 

The first thing was tithe and offerings.  Really!  I thought of the

missionaries and what  I could  do to bless them.   I thought of family

members I would bless.  Then I said, “Lord you know those that have

real needs, I would want to help them.”

*     *     *

*     *     *


The Lord has blessed some people with wealth and they are conduits

for His work on this earth.  I heard about a wealthy man and his wife

who gave extravagantly to missionaries in Africa.  At one of the many

times they gave, they blessed a specific ministry with 5 million dollars

to build a facility for  the youth. The Lord has the cattle on a thousand

hills so 250 million dollars isn’t a lot of money to Him.  Then of course

there are personal desires.

*     *     *

Man finds it hard to get what he wants,

   because He does not want the best;

            God finds it hard to give,

     because He would give the best,

           and man will not take it.

                       ~George Mac Donald

*      *     *

George Mueller of a bygone century provided a home for orphans and

fed them.  They never asked for money except from the Lord and He

always provided.  Once, the children were at the breakfast table with no

food to eat.  Mr. Mueller, his wife, the workers and the children all gave

thanks to the Lord for His provision and the food they were about to

eat, when a knock came to the door.  A baker had been up since very

early in the morning with the firm conviction that he was to take bread

to the orphans, and he had come with a wagonload of freshly baked


*     *     *

George Mueller  was a conduit through whose faith thousands of

dollars were provided to God’s work resulting in some amazing answers

to prayer!

* * *

  Be assured, if you walk with Him 

                 And look to Him,

       And  expect help from Him,

            He will never fail you.

                         ~  George Mueller

*     *     *

                               Psalm 2:8-9

                              Ask of Me,

and I shall give thee the heathen

            for Thine inheritance,

and the uttermost parts of the earth

               for Thy possession.

                                                *     *     *

                     Missionary Cary said:

    Expect great things from God,

     Attempt great things for God.

*     *     *

What would you do with 250 million dollars?  Could The Lord trust you

and I with that much money?  Indeed God’s leading and guidance and

divine wisdom would be  needed in such a case.  Mega bucks could be a

blessing or a curse depending upon the constitution of the recipient.

*     *     *

Thank you for stopping by.  Please pray for America the Beautiful and

pray for a national spiritual awakening.

*     *     *

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