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Hello Family and Friends,


1 Thessalonians 5:18

In everything give thanks:

 for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus concerning you.

*      *     *

German pastor Martin Rinkart served in the

walled town of Eilenburg during the horrors of the

Thirty Years War of 1618-1648. Eilenburg became

an overcrowded refuge for the surrounding area.

The fugitives suffered from epidemic and famine.

At the beginning of 1637, the year of the Great

Pestilence, there were four ministers in Eilenburg.

But one abandoned his post for healthier areas

and could not be persuaded to return. Pastor

Rinkhart officiated at the funerals of the other

two. As the only pastor left, he often conducted

services for as many as 40 to 50 persons a day –

some 4,480 in all. In May of that year, his own wife

died. By the end of the year, the refugees had to be

buried in trenches without services. Yet living in a

world dominated by death, Pastor Rinkart wrote

the following prayer for his children to offer to the








*     *     *



Now thank we all our God

With hearts and hands and voices;

Who wondrous things hath done,

In whom this world rejoices.

Who, from our mother’s arms,

Hath led us on our way,

With countless gifts of love,

And still is ours today.

~Harry Genet

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