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Family and Friends,


*     *     *

“Daddy, do you know where the best place in the world is?” my five-year old son, Trey,


His father was sitting on the opposite sofa reading the paper.

John looked up, smiled, and said, “No, son.  Where is the best place in the world?”

“Daddy, the bestest place in the world is sitting in mommy’s  lap.”

At that moment, five-year-old Trey was sitting in my lap!

Why did Trey think sitting in my lap was so wonderful?  When he sat in my lap that is

where I would read to him and sing to him.  I would whisper in his ear, “Mommy loves

you. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you.”

I would also teach him.  “Trey, I know it was hard to move from Texas to Georgia.  I know

you miss your friends.  But God has a plan for our family. He will give you new friends.”

When Trey sat in my lap it allowed me to speak words of love and life into his heart!

Fast forward to Trey at sixteen years old, just receiving the following news from his dad:

“Son, it looks like God is going to move us from Georgia to Louisiana.”

I sat down beside Trey as he talked to his dad.  Tears welled up in his big blue eyes.

“Dad, if God can help me play football after breaking my leg in five places, then God can

help me move to Louisiana.  Dad, you have to do what God wants you to do.”

Trey wasn’t sitting in my lap that time.  But I did know exactly whose lap he had been

sitting in – the Heavenly Father’s lap!  Trey spoke words of faith, words of confidence,

and words of encouragement to his earthly father.

~Donna Avant

*     *     *

*     *     *

Galatians 4:6

 And because ye are sons,

God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son

into your hearts,


Abba, Father.

*     *     *

The best place in the world is to be sitting on our Father’s lap, with our head on His

bosom telling him what is in our heart.  Hearing him whisper to our hearts His love for

us. We feel safe in His loving care and protection!

*     *     *


Thank you for stopping by and please pray for America and Spiritual Awakening.

*     *     *

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