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HowDee faMeely and frendS,  HoPe Yous aLL is fine and DanDee and enj0ying R MIGHTY God‘s BlessiNS.

 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a

broken spirit drieth the bones.

Sum fun stuff  happens to us in our travells///

In 1 church, one girl had her  eyes open wide to see where those grannys

keeps there offrings.  Her was only 2 years old but  had her little

scribbbbles in a

wadded papper in the bosom 0f her peasant dresss,  ya no the kind that

has elastik under the bodice  and on the sleeves    which she pullled out

of the  secret place.   Her paid atension””’






church in anuder place   sundae  morning after service   I was in

the restroom  .  ..and when I done come out, the chursh wasss Darkkk

and nary a soul to bee seeen !   Knot evenn a car in the parkin lot..  The

chursh  …it   were all locked up…    ohhh, the y    done   leftt me[[[||\\\  i

knowed i wernt in there that loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnggggg

The old songg says,  nev  er  alone,  no  nevver alone…   BUT  there i was all by me lonesome.           if   i   say so meself, me attitude waas perttty goood.           Sooo i set down …  then i  seee  whooo is standing  behind. yonder pulpitt but           me own dearr husband. A hh, he dint leave mee

yeah, the pastor the masterrmind of this plott    got  him a goood ole laugh…………………………….me 2

the case of the threee CELL fones

welll once upon a time there was a  certan pasturs wifee  and welll, how

can we say this delicatly,  uhh  i mean to say, welll ya no  how things

happen. soooometimes  its just  well, its jest a axident, if  ya no what i

mean.   ya just cant help it.  well,  this here pastures wife her was a comin

fromm yonder postoffice and jest a mindin her own bizness wen her seen

a object on the ground and bent over ta get a beter look see.      welllllllllll

     the watter drane  jest reached up and wood  u  beleve it snatched her

cell fone from her poket on her blouse?/          well not really        jest

kiddin…butttt the drane got it//[[[[  of course her aint happy about

it…hers thinking … well you no whats hers thinking… husband is

not a gonna like this….     bless her hart…. so her  duz the  best her can

under  such tryin circumstances.  soo she tries t0   res q    it.    mean

 whille   her situashun is causin quite a stir in that area.     1 kind soul

even calls the city .  welll praise God someonne  came.  Yess her cell

phone was retreeved and  givin backk to its riteful onner.    Butttt its

done bin in the watter and well i guess you no  what happen.

Hows can ya call ur wifee and tell her ur comin home erly from work if

she doesent have a fone…?  Well ya do the Christian thing and get her a

new fonne “with breathings and threatenings”   NO  not really…,,,,well,

not xactly…..

Praise God things  r  going grate, butttt …some things are just out of    r

control   u  know “it rains on the just and the unjust…..”

well this saint was just a mindin her own biznes carrying on  her life,

 bless her hart   ….  ya know riding with her husband a visitin folks etc.

  Little did her no   … cell fone #2 was just about 2 meet its demise..

[[[[\\\       what can we say,…..  the car

gobbled it all up!!!

wellll! what can we say to that?    i shore dont no,  but

the cell fone gobbling car was not happy just to have 1

cell fone.   no!  not by a long shot!!! no mam, no siree.

 it was awaiting for this “unwitting” soul to relax her

gard so it could STRIKE again!!!….Alas, and strike it

DID!!!  3 strikes and her was outtt!  Sad  so sad to say,

the car got another cell fone wen it axidently got

crunched in the seat when the seat was being adjusted.

  bless her widdle hart   that’s  all i no.  i hope the

“gobbler” didnt claim no more victim.s  ![[[\\\   mebbe

its time to get a frendlier car


I hope you got a little chuckle from all this silliness.  My spell check was wondering what in the world was going on!    If you haven’t seen this youtube video surely this one will cause you to smile.  Anyway the Bible says, “let everything that hath breath praise the Lord…”

God bless you till next time.

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