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Hello Precious Family and Friends,

Just for fun I thought I’d share an old photo my sister e-mailed me recently.  My daughter said, “What bodacious clothes! Ha! I said, “I don’t remember such garb, I remember having nice clothes!”  My son said, “It was the 70’s.  That’s what everybody wore!”  He is the only one who didn’t have anything wild on, so it was easy for him to talk.

m Me and the Kiddos-so 70's!

Me and the Kiddos-so 70’s!

Psalm 39:13

O spare me,

that I may recover strength,

before I go hence,

and be no more.

I want to glorify God for keeping His hand on me these past 5 amazing weeks since I had a couple of strokes.  I appreciate the fact that, unlike some folks that have had strokes, I can walk, I can talk and basically feel like my old self again.  I have an awareness that I haven’t experienced before and, though I consider myself a thankful person, yet now even the most ordinary blessings of the Lord seem so extraordinary and special.  For instance, to be able to return to Albuquerque and Phoenix again seems a most remarkable experience, as I didn’t know what our future would hold since our setbacks! But God had greater plans! Precious, so very precious!  Recently we were on our way to church, and I told my husband, as I looked around, “Look at us, back in this place!”  I feel an awe and respect for the new lease on life my Lord gave unto me. I said, “Well Pa, I guess the Lord isn’t finished with us yet.”

In recent months, my husband was very ill with a dreadful malady.  There were times I didn’t know if he would live or die. When it seemed dark and fear would try to grip my heart, I remembered the scripture, and stood on God’s word:

Psalm 91:10

There shall no evil befall thee,

neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

We live in expectancy of seeing God manifest His glory in these last days in greater measure than we have ever seen before.  I have always admired my husband and his ministry.  I feel that his preaching is better than it’s ever been.  In a recent service, the pastor had people testify of what the Lord had done for them.  My husband testified, “I thank the Lord for helping me preach.”  He gives God all the glory.  I am sure when he was ailing he wondered if he would ever preach again.  This is my prayer:

Jeremiah 33:3

 Call unto Me and I will answer thee,

and show thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not.

On this leg of the trip, we have seen notable miracles.  The Lord’s Name is being glorified as He performs His wonderful works.  In one church there was a lady whose whole countenance seemed one of unhappiness.  She has been a great blessing to me as I learned an extremely valuable lesson; never judge a book by it’s cover.  One evening the Lord completely healed her back of an injury she received in 1997 when she had been in a domestic violence situation and was thrown into some exercise equipment.  As a result of that injury she had degenerative disk problems in her spine and neck.  She lived in pain for 15 years.  The night after her healing she looked like a new person!  Her eyes were bright, her whole demeanor was joyful, and she was definitely excited about what the Lord had done for her!

In another place, the Lord healed a woman of stomach cancer.  Her joy was boundless as she shared what the Lord had done for her.  In one month she had lost 20 pounds.  She was a small woman and was very thin.  The last time I saw her she excitedly told me in her broken English how she had no more pain in her stomach and had gained 4 pounds since she was healed.   Praise God!  He deserves the glory!

Another very special thing the Lord did for a new man.  He accepted Christ as His Savior, and was also filled with the Holy Ghost.  One night he testified how the Lord touched him in his heart and mind.  He had been fired from his job and was harboring some ill feelings about the boss who fired him, but he said he knew that wasn’t right and wanted the Lord to take it from him.  The Lord graciously touched him and he testified of the Lord’s deliverance.  Another night of the revival he said the Lord healed him.  The next night he wanted the Lord to heal him of something else, I don’t recall what.  Then again, another night he testified that if something else was wrong in his body, he wanted the Lord to heal him of that too! He was so eager to receive all the Lord had for him!  A very touching account to be sure.  But the story doesn’t end there. One night I watched this gentleman go inside the church with quite a number in tow.  When they were all seated I shook his hand and asked, “Is this your family?”  He proudly said, “Yes, but this isn’t all of them.”  He filled a 21 foot pew with his loved ones!  I don’t know how they were all related, but children and grandchildren were in that number.  The love and zeal of a new Christian is so sweet to behold!  I was reminded of Andrew:

John 1:41:42

He first findeth his own brother Simon,

and saith unto him,

We have found the Messias,

which is,

being interpreted,

the Christ.

And he brought him to Jesus

The Lord is so good to us and worthy of all our gratitude and praise.  The Lord did many more miracles than I have related.  I will end with this, one sister shared with me so sincerely and with great emotion that she always has loved the Lord since she became a Christian, but never had she felt such love for Jesus as she did since this revival.

I was overwhelmed by all that the Lord did in the revival!  What all He did unbeknownst to any human being, eternity will tell. The glory is His alone!  The Lord bless you Family and Friends, thank you for stopping by.


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