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Hello Family and Friends,


The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”

~Eric Hofer


Psalms 68:19

Blessed be the Lord,

Who daily loadeth us with benefits,

even the God of our salvation.



Since the Lord loads us daily with His benefits, it’s a blessing to write them down.

 “Oh the boundless, topless, bottomless, load of divine benefits, whose immensity reaches from

the centre of this earth, to the unlimited extent of the very imperial heavens!”

~Joseph Hall

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

We have a record of what the Founding Fathers and others did with their lives because they

kept diaries or journals.  So it is a blessing for all time, for men, women, boys and girls.  It is a

blessing to start the day off with a journal and a Bible.  One preacher keeps his journal on his



Let the bright beams of Thy light so shine into my heart,

and enlighten my mind in understanding Thy blessed Word,

that I may be enabled to perform Thy will

in all things,

and effectually resist

all temptations of the world

the flesh,

and the devil.


From the Prayer Journal of

George Washington

First President of the United States


Psalms 139:17 – 18

How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me,

O God!

How great is the sum of them!

If I should count them they are more in number than the sand…



In her book Thank You Power, Deborah Norville states that in looking for the good that happens in your day:

It forces your focus onto what’s right today, versus things that went wrong.

It brings you into the present – no more of the coulda-woulda-shoulda of looking at life,                

but rather a postive concrete look at your life as it is.

  It reminds you of the interconnectedness of life.

It enhances self-esteem.



Some may think that nothing out of the ordinary ever happens,  just- boring, boring, boring!   Aw,  just the

same old, same old!

I love what one man wrote. As I recall, he started off by telling how his wife woke him up when he would have

overslept. As he left his development, another driver courteously let him turn onto the street.  When he got to

work, a co-worker had started his computer for him.  He told how his dog Wiggles greeted him at the door

when he arrived home and his wife had a nice dinner prepared. He was also able to go for walk. It was a good

day! He looked for all the good things that happened in his day and was well pleased! Were there hassles that

occurred?  Probably, but he didn’t focus on them.


Enjoy the little things in life…

for one day you will look back and realize

they were the big things!

Sissy lost her first baby tooth.  Buddy made his bed without being told.  Hubby made the coffee. The new dress

you wanted for that special occasion, but couldn’t afford, was marked down 75% off the clearance that put it

within your reach. All the little things that add up to a pretty blessed life!

In the ministry it is especially sweet to record what the Lord does in  your life and in your work for Him.  He

does so much! Exceeding, abundantly, above all we can ask or think

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