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The soul is grander than its creations.  However profound its works written, or beautiful the pictures printed; however stately the structures erected, or life-like the statues chiseled, the soul is grander than them all.  The soul of Dante, or Shakespeare… was sublimer than their poems.  The soul of Newton was infinitely superior to his wonderful discoveries…The soul is superior to all of modern inventions and discoveries.


How wonderful is this soul, with its vast capacities, hopes and fears, joys and sorrows! … Can its value be estimated?  In what balance can it be weighed?  For what can it be bought or sold?  Is there aught on earth, in sea or sky, to be regarded as its equivalent?  When we see the Son of God become incarnate, live among men, submit to weariness and want, stand condemned as a criminal, smitten, spit upon, robed in mocking vestments, and crowned with thorns; when we see him bending beneath the cross, climb the heights of Calvary, and there outstretched upon the accursed tree, expire in bitterest agony, wondering we exclaim, O, why this humiliation, grief, and death of God’s Beloved One?

And the darkened heavens, and trembling earth, and risen dead answer, “For the soul of man.”  Here at the cross we learn the value of the immortal soul.


~ William Hutton ~


The soul that holily lives,

ascends frequently,

and runs familiarly,

through the streets of the heavenly Jerusalem,

visiting the patriarches and prophets,

saluting the apostles,

and admiring the army of martyrs.

So do thou lead on thy heart,

and bring it to the palace of the Great King.


What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


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