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TILL THE STORM PASSES OVER – Super Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines

Family and Friends,

Super Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines in what is reported as the deadliest natural disaster on record at 195 miles an hour and thousands dead in one city alone.  The total death toll is unknown, but climbing.


This is a facebook testimonial of God keeping our dear friends and His missionaries safe during the recent typhoon that devastated the Philippines.

Hello again dear family. I continue to be filled with amazement after hearing and reading the reports of this horrific monster of a typhoon.

This typhoon was stronger than Camille in 1969 and Katrina in 2005 with Camille being the stronger than Katrina that slammed the US.

I saw a few videos of the actual storm when it was in Tacloban as it was coming in. Tin roofing that was ripped off of buildings and housing was flying so fast by the window of this person who was filming the video and the trees were bent over and you could just see the merciless fury of that storm… needless to say it was a quick video!!

What stunned me most was also that people were out on the beachfront, riding motorcycles and watching the waves being whipped up which rose to 30 ft. high and coming in fast. They were still out there on the seawall gawking!

The airport itself was ripped apart by the huge monster waves that came in like giant tsunamis. There at the airport itself were about 100 bodies lying all over the ground.

Again, the warnings came by radio, and TV, the President himself begged the people to heed the warnings that this was a very, very powerful typhoon and extremely dangerous and to seek higher ground and shelter. To evacuate the beachfronts and coastal areas. Those waves engulfed entire villages that were on the coast line and wiped them all away!

The reports are saying 10,000 are feared dead but this is not confirmed. So far the death toll confirmed 151 and in Samar there were reports of 300 fatalities there. They still can’t get a body count because of lack of communication lines still being down, some still without electricity and debris and dead bodies all over the place. Soooo very, very sad.

They are bringing in troops and police from other outlying areas to bring these hardest hit areas under law and order. There is looting going on and crimes being committed… just lawlessness and the police themselves are victims of the typhoon. They have about 10,000 in the police force someone reported but only 100 came and showed up.

Heard today that a man complained on the radio to the disc jockey that we here in Cagayan made all the necessary evacuations and preparations and he said to the radio host, “You filled the radio with warnings for us to get out and make the necessary preparations and evacuate to higher ground and we did all of this for nothing! No typhoon!!”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this! I guess he hadn’t seen the pics of the devastation on the areas that were brutalized by the storms fury.


I just shook my head and said to my helper… “Nezel, God’s hand saved us! God is the One who kept us safe because we asked, we prayed and others were praying for us and He answered our prayers for His protection on this city and our brethren in Manila and Angeles City.

We should have been affected, we are close to those areas for we are part of the Visayas!” We should have had the winds and heavy rains… yet, we had nothing but light rain and no wind throughout the day… oh I give praise and thanks to our Lord in spite of ignorant people like this man who voiced his complaint.

So I fall on my knees for him in thanking our God in gratitude for keeping us all safe. God bless and good night family, it’s been an exhausting day for all of us over here going through this ordeal but oooh so happy and content knowing we are safe in God’s care … it’s Sunday night here at 10:43… more or less as none of the clocks keep time around here! Lol!! Sis. Rod

Please pray for the Philippines

Till the Storm Passes By


And in an email from November 13, Sister Rodrigues had this to say:

The more I read and see the video-news coverage Sis, of this monster storm, the more I am humbled and cry with gratitude for the Lord’s protection.
Just got through looking at about 20 or more news videos of what’s going on over there, some actual coverage of the typhoon as it came in through there in the city of Tacloban and my heart just weeps with the people over there who have totally lost everything and family… sooo devasting.

I posted an article by James Reynolds on my timeline of his account.  He is with the “storm-chaser” team for the Asian-Pacific filming and documenting the storm systems or natural disasters of Asia.  He said this storm exceeded the past storm and natural disasters he personally has been in or viewing the aftermath.

Many people did not get out of harm’s way having no idea as to the ferocity of this storm.  One newscaster reported that a man said to her, “if the warning had come through over the news, radio, etc. that the surges of the sea  would be likened to the effects of a tsunami, the people would have better understood the gravity of the situation and warnings. They would have gotten out!”

We indeed are a miracle up here on this hill, we would not have survived this storm without extreme damage to property and possibly our lives if God had not intervened for us here in Cagayan de Oro.  The mayor himself said, “if Cagayan De Oro City would have gotten “Yolanda’s” winds and fury, there would have been no place for the people of Cagayan to run to safety too!”

I bow my head in humble gratitude over and over again that we hid ourselves under the shadow of His wings seeking His protection and cover for us and Cagayan de Oro and our brethren there in Manila and Angeles.  All praise and glory be to Him!

Thank you for stopping by.

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