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Greetings Precious Family and Friends,

I have been enjoying a veritable feast in Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians.

 In this world there are many fantastical edifices, magnificent palaces, breathtaking mansions

and beautiful works of architecture that men have built. Just imagine being invited to a

banquet in one of these spectacular edifices, and seeing riches surround you which exceeds

your wildest imagination.  Your wonder is increased as you try to take in all the splendor you

see when ushered into the dining room – splendor unlike any you had ever seen before! The

banquet table is bulging and extended far  beyond what can even be eaten. It is beautifully

adorned with exquisite lace made by hand and priceless candelabras that show stunning

craftsmanship. There are lavish fresh floral arrangements as if to add the crowning touch to a

sight that is already done to the utmost perfection! The table is heavily laden with every

delicacy from the finest chefs in the world.  You then take notice that this table is also

gorgeously adorned with every exotic fruit imaginable from the far corners of the globe!  Your

eyes take in the most luscious delectable desserts from every nation.  Yet, this is all but a small

glimpse of the wealth and glory that God has for His children.

What about a mansion furnished with everything that pleases you?  What about every possible

desire being fulfilled?  What of perfect peace and joy that you possess in its fulness?  What of

health and security in every phase of life? What about love?  Is there a love so pure so true that

this deepest of all needs transcends human relationships?  Is this all a pipe dream or are these

desires to be found only in your dreams?  Is there any basis of reality in any of these things?


Think of it!


Our minds are finite and therefore limited.  But with God, who is infinite and has no

boundaries, He has  chosen to give His children wealth without limit!  It’s difficult for my finite

mind to take that in.  But think of it.  Ponder and study what His meaning is in Ephesians 1:18:


The eyes of your




that ye may


what is the hope of His calling,

and what the


of the glory of





The word infinitude has been on my heart since I studied it recently.  The dictionary says

infinitude is: 1) the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit.  2) unlimited or

unmeasurable in extent of space, duration of time, etc.  Wow! This one verse is jam packed

with promise, not only for this time, but from this time and beyond…you know to “infinity and

beyond!” Don’t you love it?




Barnes Notes has this to say on this passage of scripture:

“This is something Paul wishes them to understand.  There is a force in this language which can

be found perhaps no where else than the writings of Paul.  His mind is full, and language is

burdened and borne down under the weights of his thoughts; the phrase “riches of glory,”

means glorious wealth… The meaning is that there is an abundance-an infinitude of wealth.”  I

love that!  If I have a lack in any area of my life, who can I blame?  If language means anything

and especially the words penned by the Apostle Paul under the direction of the Holy Spirit, this

clearly shows me that I have untold riches!  This is true of every child of God.  This is an

inheritance NOT limited by time nor space.  It is infinite and inexhaustible!  We don’t have to

wait for the sweet by and by to enjoy this glorious inheritance.  It was mine when I gave my

heart to Jesus.  I just didn’t know about it yet.  I am still learning what my inheritance entails;

an infinitude of wealth?  How about you?



I read a story one time about an illiterate widow in a bygone era who lived in abject poverty.

 One day as the preacher was visiting her, he noticed a check framed and sitting on the mantle.

 He let her know it was an inheritance left to her by her husband.  She was a wealthy woman

but didn’t know it!  Hmm…”Are we living beneath our privileges when our inheritance is “an

infinitude of wealth?”


Thank you Lord for, ” …exceeding great and precious promises.”  Help every child of God to

search and realize the “infinititude of wealth,” given unto them; us.  God bless you family and

friends.  Truly we have a God that inspires awe in His children.



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