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Greetings Friends and Family, this post is in continuation of the Easter Theme.





Leviticus 17:1

For the life of the flesh is in the blood:

and I have given it to you upon the altar

to make an atonement

for your souls:

for it is the blood that maketh

an atonement for the soul.






Matthew 26:28


 For this is My blood of the New Testament,

which is shed for many

for the remission of sins.



                             Everything in history, before and afterward points toward


His Birth,

His Sinless Life,

His Cross,

His Death,

and His Resurrction


 History is, after all,





Almost universally, mankind uses the Gregorian (and sometimes the Julian) calendar which separates time by:

                     BC      Before Christ

                     AD      (an abbreviation for anno Domini in Latin which translates “in the

                                 year of our Lord,” referring to the approximate birth year of our

                                 our Lord, Jesus Christ).


It is because of Jesus’ coming to earth to save us that once we are saved, our life is also separated by BC and

AD! Our past sinful life is BC – Before Christ’s Coming into our life, and AD is our experience in Him after we

are saved – in the year and time of His Lordship in our life!


The Bible is full of the Messianic Prophecies and their fulfillment (See December’s Archives for some

Messianic Prophecies of Christ’s First Coming to earth as a helpless babe).

Scholars cite one person fulfilling just eight of the Messianic prophecies as one in



Josh McDowell states:

For one person to fulfill 48 of these prophecies, the number becomes staggering – 1 chance in 10 to the 157th

power (1 with 157 zeros after it).  Add to that the 250 other prophecies and it becomes impossible for any other

person except Jesus to ever fit that particular sequence of time and events.


I read an account of a missionary who went to Japan, in a previous century and and preached the old, old story

of Jesus and His love to the spiritually hungry people.  Upon leaving the service, one person exclaimed in

joyful astonishment, “I always knew there should be a God like that!”




The story of the Cross is a love story.  It is unmatched in all of history, for Jesus is the only One who ever died

for the remission of the sins of every human being ever born who would believe on Him, and then rose again

from the dead for their justification before God!

It is the unmatched infallible story of a God Who loved His creation so deeply and so intensely that He would

come to show all of mankind what depths He was willing to endure in order to procure their salvation.

In giving us His very own Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior, He was letting us know that there isn’t anything

He has that He isn’t willing to give for us!


Multitudes of people have responded to their personal need for a personal Savior,

and  Jesus is the only One Who can satisfy and fill that need!


God’s promise of sure salvation is found in the following verse:

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13


Salvation Prayer

Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood for my sins.

Forgive me of my sins, come into my heart,

and make me your own child.



The day you come to Jesus Christ… your last day alone.

~Ron Hutchcraft

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