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If you don’t fulfill the destiny and vision

God has for you,

you will fulfill the destiny and vision of someone else.



Destiny – what happens in the future:

the things that someone

or something will experience in the future.

You may have been hurt.

Run into the arms of Jesus

and let Him heal you

and make you whole again.





Remember the dream you wanted to accomplish

for the Lord when you first came to Jesus.

Get your dream back.

Let it fuel your desire.

You are not a castaway.

The Lord loves you.

You are here for such a time as this.

It’s a privilege to be alive.

If you have been broken,

the Lord  will use your brokenness

to help someone else.

Remember what the Lord

put in your heart as a new Christian.

It’s not too late!


Parents should never live vicariously for their children,

no matter how noble or lucrative they may think their dreams are.

Everyone needs their own dream;

Even if mom and dad are rich and famous lawyers,

and want Tommy or Susie to carry on the family business.

 The child instead may want to be a missionary to Uganda;

or a diesel engine mechanic.

Love lets the child choose for him or herself.




Tommy Reid shares a dream God put in his heart as a child,

in this inspiring testimony.

 God healed him when he was eight years old from polio:


Choose to live life. Choose to live your own destiny.




Remember the dreams you had as a child;

as a teen;

in your young adult life?

Dream again.

It’s Not too late.


Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

 The Lord will open doors you cannot see,

and He’ll close doors He doesn’t want you to walk through.



One man had opportunity to preach

in two large churches in two different countries.

His church leader said no.

The Lord had opened the door of utterance for him,

But man had closed it.



Don’t let   A N Y O N E    steal your dream.




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