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In this post my son-in-law graciously allowed me to post this poignant recollection from his

trip to New York City, where he is from, in March of 2009. He was driving a missionary couple

from our church first of all to his high school and then to Ground Zero. From here I quote him:


“It was dark by the time we drove to the site of the World Trade Center. On our brief tour, this

would be the only time we got out of the car. We actually took turns as I technically pulled up in

a security zone right next to the current construction area. I had no intention of lingering

there. I just wanted to see it for myself. It was enough to provide a memorable experience. As

we drove away, I heard Sister comment on how big the hole is. I will always remember my dad

taking me to see the foundation for the Twin Towers before they were built. In a way, just a big

hole. I felt the Spirit of God and was reminded of how the earth was restored to be inhabited

again. God had to start over and build again too.”


There were many innocent people and heroes on 9/11 that lost their lives – too many to mention

in this limited space. There are web sites and books that give much attention to this sad chapter

in our history and recount amazing heroism. However, I too, want to remember them and pray

our nation never faces such atrocities again.







the anniversary of 9/11, I was remembering how my husband and I were flying to America from

the Philippines on that fateful day. We had been missionaries in Angeles City for about two

years at that time, and were returning for a seminar, anticipating a good visit, which was the

purpose of our trip home. We had a good flight and were nearing SeaTac in the A.M.  This was

to be our destination and port of entry when the pilot spoke over the intercom and told us our

plane was being diverted to Vancouver B.C. because our country “was under attack.” He said

he didn’t know anything more than that. The reaction of the passengers was that of utter shock.

There was just silence as we tried to assimilate the pilots dire words; a surreal moment in time.

 “Under attack?” “What did he mean by that?” we wondered. The trip to Vancouver was short

and as we were leaving the plane, my husband asked the steward for more information. He

told us that planes had crashed into the twin towers and into the Pentagon. Everyone still was

stunned by these turn of events as we all gathered into the small airport. There were several

pay phones and long lines of people waiting to use them. I was appalled by the seeming lack of

consideration by those who were spending so much time on the phones seemingly oblivious to

others who were also wanting to call loved ones.


After getting our luggage, we were waiting to be bussed back to Seattle. I remember standing

in the midst of the crowd when someone walked by with a bag of food from Burger King. I got

excited! American burgers! Yum! I asked them where they got them. “Upstairs,” they said. I

told my husband, “I’ll go get us some burgers.” He said, “no way! I don’t want to miss the bus!”

Later on in the day, when we were hungry I thought about those char-broiled burgers.


Before we could enter the United States, we stopped at a truck weigh station where our

luggage was searched. It was a strange feeling to watch from our bus window as the authorities

wearing rubber gloves searched each bag. It was a long tedious process.  After entering the

U.S., the bus driver told us that we would be stopping at a rest area after awhile. There are no

words to describe how I felt when we stopped. After having lived so long in a third world

country, I felt the awe of seeing an area so clean! The grass looked so green and well-

manicured. I really felt like kissing the ground. America! My sweet America! Thank you Lord

for this beautiful country. I love this land I was so privileged to be born in. May we, by God’s

great grace, see a great revival once again as in years gone by. One that will exceed that of the

Azusa Street revival and the revival of 1904 in Wales, the great revival that spread around the

world. Do it again Lord. Do it again!



I was able to be one of the first people off the bus and secure a phone, hurray! I made calls to

all my friends and loved ones in Washington from the numbers I had memorized. And would

you know I couldn’t get a’hold of a single one of them?


A sweet American courtesy awaited us as we got off the bus at the rest area. Some kind ladies

had coffee and cookies for the passengers. I thank the Lord for this sweet (double sweet)

blessing! By this time it was about 6:00 o’clock in the evening.


We arrived back in Seattle after 8:00 o’clock in the evening where we were taken to a hotel

across from the airport. It was then  we saw videos of what had taken place regarding the Twin

Towers and the Pentagon on the restaurant’s TV screens. Countless lives were affected by the

terrible events of that tragic day, as grief covered our dear land. We were thankful however,

that even though it took us the whole day to  arrive in Seattle we were safe. Many others were

not so fortunate.







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