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God tried to show the measure of His love in beauty, in music, in tone.

He tried to express it in starry nights, and a moon-lit heaven.

He attempted to paint it in sunsets and skylines.

He tried to say it in dewdrops and sunbeams.

 He thought to sing it through bird songs, and evening breezes.

 He wanted us to read it through the flowers, and hillsides.

He tried to say it in the marvelous harmony and beauty of the world,

but they failed in completely expressing God’s love to mankind.


Then He sent musicians, songs of praise, poets, prophets and kings to tell the love of God,

but our hearts were still not satisfied.

He planted eternity in our hearts, and a hunger for the

fullness of God that we might know.

Yet our hearts cried out the more, ” Show us the Father,”

so He took from His bosom His only Son, and sent a love letter written in His own blood,

in a language we could not forget nor misunderstand.

Then humanity knew the depth, the breadth,

and height of the marvelous, measureless love of God.”

Rosalie Mills Appleby


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