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Greetings once again Family and Friends,


We just celebrated Father’s Day and the greatest of all Father’s is worthy of all our love, respect  and admiration.  For those who were not blessed with a good father for any reason, the Heavenly Father made provision for this loss.  Consider:

Psalm 68:5

A father to the fatherless…

This is a tender description  of the character of God.  He is a Father.  In all of His greatness in majesty and  power He is a Father like none other.  If you list every characteristic of a good Father that you can think of you will be describing the Heavenly Father.  Yes, He’s kind, compassionate, loving, faithful and true and much more!  A Father to the fatherless, He shows His tender mercy, care and protection to them.

I am so glad and very thankful I had a good Dad.  He worked hard and provided a safe and secure home for his family. One of the earliest memories I have is when he was a tailor’s apprentice and he made me a little navy blue skirt with a matching cape lined in red satin.  I loved it!  Later, he worked in a meat packing company as a meat cutter and a butcher until he retired.

One sweet memory I have was that Dad got paid on Tuesdays.  He and Mom would go grocery shopping and it was a family tradition we would have burgers and chips with split pea soup on payday.  Yum, so good!

My Dad and uncle Willie called their parents, “Ammy,” and “Appy.”  I never heard anyone else call their parents by that name.

For a few years the meating packing company where he worked gave the employees and their families a picnic and rides at Elitch Gardens Amusement Park.  We looked forward to the wonderful time we would have with all the good food and rides.  It was a festive time and there was even a band with the musicians dressed in German folk attire playing polkas.

Dad saw to it we had a well rounded childhood.  We did a lot of fun things as a family. Living in Colorado, we went to the mountains often.  Red Rocks Park was a place we went to a lot.  It was a short drive to get there and we would have cookouts, go exploring, and climb the rocks.  I visited Red Rocks last year and was disappointed at all the restrictions and fences that had “no trespassing” on them and “no climbing” of the rocks either!

In preschool days I remember a tree had fallen on our porch.  I don’t know if it was struck by lightning, which is the most likely reason it was there, and Dad and some friends sawing it into smaller pieces so it could be hauled away.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Dad loved to fish and he and Mom and my brother Rich, would go to the mountains to fish.  He liked to go to Delaney Buttes, Lake John, and sometimes to St. Mary’s Glacier. Mom quit going to the glacier after a while because of the steep climb to the lake.  Dad and my brother Rich would go ice fishing at the glacier in the  winter.  It started snowing once while they were there and they started back to the car.  Rich told Dad, “We’re lost!”  Dad said, “No, we’re not lost,” and arrived safely at the car.

My Dad loved to talk about religion.  I must have been 10 years old or so and we were talking about martyrs.  I reasoned that the Lord would understand if you denied Christ since you were only doing it to save your life.  I remember so well the gist of his response.  He said in so many words that you never deny Christ, no matter what!

When it came time to buy a house, I was very disappointed when he bought a house that wasn’t on the ice cream man’s route, like one neighborhood we were house hunting in.  I was in second grade and the ice cream man was important!

I thought Dad was too strict!  He was very careful with us and we didn’t get to do a lot of things that friends at school were doing.  How grateful I am for the Dad I was blessed with.  I wonder how much grief I was spared because he was strict?  We weren’t denied the good things in life but were afforded all he could provide.  He loved his family.  We were first in his life and he was good to us.  I had a wonderful childhood.  I love you daddy!  He is gone now and all five of his kids would say the same.

In our travels I heard a pastor whom we were visiting for revival sing this beautiful song.  Thank you Family and Friends for stopping by.



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