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Greetings to you Family and Friends,

Ephesians 1:6

To the praise of the glory of His grace,

wherein He hath made us


in the


Ephesians 1:7

In whom we have





the forgiveness of sins,

according to the riches of His grace;

I love the visual illustration my husband uses regarding our assurance in Jesus.  He has two people stand side by side facing him.  One person represents the person bringing the sacrifice to the High Priest, and the other represents the sacrifice.  He then asks which one the high priest is going to examine for spotlessness.  The answer is obvious; the sacrifice.  So it is with the Father.  When we come to Him with Jesus as our sacrifice, there is no need for us to cower before Him because the Father is not examining us but Him, and we are accepted only because Jesus is the Spotless Lamb of God “Who taketh away the sin of the world”! We are thus accepted on the ground of His perfection and not our own! Also, because we are “in Christ“, when God looks at us He sees Him Who is our righteousness, our sanctification and redemption!

The definition for “accepted” is, to be received with approval or favor.  We have great assurance in Jesus!  A couple of months ago when I was laying on my hospital bed after having a second stroke, I searched my heart and told the Lord if He was ready to take me I was ready.  I felt I had no loose ends.  Does that mean I have lived a perfect life?  Absolutely not!  Did I think I could have done more for God?  Absolutely!  I am simply saying I had great assurance!  Doesn’t every child of God have this assurance?

Thank you dear ones for stopping by.

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