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Everyone needs a purpose; a reason for taking up space on this planet.  Jesus saved us to fulfill His desires.  By doing that, we find fufillment in our hearts and lives.

When you think of what has happened in your life up to this point.  You might think, “What’s the point?”

But really, the Lord takes everything that’s ever happened to you to make you  and I  to  c hange us into His image, because we love the Lord and are  called unto His purpose.

Romans 8:28

 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

to them who are the called according to his purpose.


We don’t always like what we see when we look into the mirror.  Sometimes we are disappointed because what we see reflecting back to us, is not the person we want to see.  We may think of the dreams and desires we had as teenagers when life was fresh and exciting, and we see that it really hasn’t turned out the way we expected it at all.

But wait a minute!  Hasn’t the Lord really answered your prayers?  Maybe you wanted to be a missionary to Lululand.  Instead, you have never even left your hometown.

What about the young family you helped who was down and out?  They were new to your block and they couldn’t really speak English well.  But you saw their situation and you stepped in and helped.  No, it might not have seemed like much at the time, but they were grateful  and touched that someone cared.

What about the man whose wife was in the hospital?  You didn’t know her, but you sent a get well card along with a verse of scripture to encourage her.  The man was grateful.  Then you met her later on and she told you what it meant to her at the time of her extremity.

You didn’t go to Lululand, but you gave an offering so a family could go to Uganda to work as missionaries there.  You gave a sacrificial monthly missionary offering to sponsor them and 10 years later, there was a Bible School that trained  young people and old alike to spread the gospel to their fellow countrymen.Preachers and gospel workers graduated from the Bible School and went out to various places and started churches that are living vibrant outreaches for Jesus.  Some of those that heard the salvation message and gave their lives to Jesus have gone to bible school themselves and started churches also.  The fruit is still multiplying.  More and more people are hearing the gospel and responding to the Good News.”

What about Lululand?  You have prayed for Lululand for years and God has heard every one of those prayers.  You asked the Lord to raise someone up to go there and preach the good news to the people there.  You prayed for the people to have receptive hearts to the salvation message.

God sent a young man and his wife to answer the call to Lululand, and others responded and went also.  Civil war had left the country ravaged and torn.  The people were wounded in heart and in spirit.  The preachers went in with the Good News that Jesus loved them and would heal their brokenness.  Many of the people responded to the message as a sponge soaking spilt water.

The response grew and word of mouth reached family and friends, and strangers who passed by their lives.  Jesus’ fame spread throughout the land as the people scarred by war moved to find new homes, looking for a better place to live.

The preachers, preachers wives,the workers and converts to Christ, reached out to everyone they came in contact with, with the message that Jesus loved them.  He cared.  He would save them and give them eternal life.  Some were too broken to receive.  Who ever heard of a God like that?  But there were those who listened; who received the greatest gift ever given to mankind.  There were those who joined themselves to  the Christians and preachers, and listened to the wonderful words of life.  They began to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord.  A church had been born; precious souls had ben added to the Kingdom of God.

From this beginning, a bible school arose to teach the people, so they in turn could teach others.  Jesus moved in a mighty way in their midst.  The people were spiritually hungry and  sincere in their pursuit of Him who came that they might have life and that more abundantly.  Mighty miracles took place, as the poor in this earth’s goods were rich in faith.  It was the Book of Acts all over again, and people were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Healing was common place.  Others were raised from the dead and lived again to tell the wonderful works of God.

Preachers were sent from the bible schools to “preach the gospel to every creature.” They began to publish abroad and preach the glad tidings of good things.  They found  the Lord had opened many of the peoples hearts and they were receptive to the message.  Others bitterly opposed the gospel clinging to doctrines of devils and killed many of the people of God.  Others told of hearing about this God who loved and cared for them from refugees looking for a new place to call home.

No, you never made it to Lululand, but your prayers did.  The door was closed for you because you were in a near fatal accident.  You were physically unable to go, but your prayers went to hospitals, to churches, into countries you only read about. They  even went into hearts of people you never met.

When you enter your heavenly home, hear your Savior say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joys of the Lord.

You fought a good fight. You finished your course.”  Your life had purpose and meaning.  You had significance.  You made a difference.

Wait a while and the Savior will show you the people you affected because you lived; Because you prayed.

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