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Family and Friends,


His name was Enrique. His body language said he was nervous,

no doubt there was a lot

on his mind.  He would push his hair back on his head.

He had a bulging wallet with $100 dollar bills that he

seemed obsessed to check and re-check,

and a wad of bills that would not fit in his

wallet.  His bifold wallet was so full it  would not bend.


I couldn’t help seeing this in my peripheral vision.

 If I saw it, no doubt others saw it also.

He sat next to the window on the airplane.

I was sandwiched between  him and my husband.

I turned to my husband and told him,

“I’m going to talk to him about Jesus.”

I started a conversation with him.

He told me he was a fisherman and had fished in


His last port was Seattle where he lived on the boat.  He worked hard fishing.

I pictured him as a man who left the boat seldom

and saved his money;

hence the bundle of cash

he carried in his wallet and in his pocket.


He was upset

because TSA had placed something in  his wife’s cremated remains

to check it .

 He said, “I told them,

‘This is my wife’.”  He felt violated, as he carried the urn

with her ashes in his carry-on bag,

 perhaps thinking  it was safe in his carry-on.

He had promised his wife he would take her ashes to Mexico

to the cemetery where her

grandmother was buried.

I talked to him about Jesus

and led him in a sinner’s prayer

to invite the Savior into his


He was very grateful.

*     *     *

Romans 10:9-10 ;13

 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,

and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,

thou shalt be saved.

*     *     *

 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;

and with the mouth confession is made unto Salvation.

For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.

My husband joined in the conversation

 and talked to him about the Lord also.


We were due in San Diego in the evening.

  His plan was to take a taxi to the border

then take a bus to his destination.

I asked him if he could spend the night in San Diego

and then go to Mexico during the

day, thinking it would be safer.

I also thought his clothes and shoes would cause him to stand out.

We also cautioned him about not taking his wallet and money out and counting it.

He would be a good target for a robbery.

He seemed so vulnerable.

Enrique was a lovable man,

maybe in his fifties

and seemed very childlike and naive.

He reminded my husband and I of someone we know and love.

When we got to our destination

we shared with the pastor who was there to meet us,

about Enrique.

I have no idea how much money he had,

but we all prayed for Enrique’s safety.

People need the Lord,

our neighbor, our friend,

our family,

the stranger on the airplane

and in the highways

and byways of life.

*     *     *

By putting the gift of yearning for God

into every human being’s heart,

God at the same time

draws all people

made in

God’s image to

God’s Self

and into

their own true selves.

~R. Bondi

*     *     *

Thank you for stopping by and please pray for America the Beautiful.

*     *     *

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