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Safety in Jesus

Greetings Family and Friends,

There is much to be grateful for as we travel for Jesus. Seeing and being with God‘s wonderful people is an enriching experience. We are fully aware that the Lord keeps His hand upon us as we travel. I am sure there are times that the Lord protects us when we don’t even know it! Perhaps there are delays in traffic, or times when we made a stop and possibly averted trouble. Two instances come to mind when this happened to us. Once was when we stopped to eat. Afterwards, when we got back on the highway, there was a traffic jam due to a wreck involving a big semi truck that was on it’s side blocking the freeway crossways. Who knows but we were spared a horrific accident when the truck driver lost control of his rig? The Lord knows.

Recently, we stopped in Pueblo, Co. and after a while upon resuming our trip I noticed the sides of the highway were covered with hail. I was sitting on the couch in the motor home, admiring the beautiful dark and white puffy clouds against a blue sky. I was hoping to take a picture of the beauty I was seeing. It took me a while to register that the white ground cover was not white rocks. Evidently, we missed a “doozey” of a hail storm. We were thankful we weren’t in the storm where we may have suffered loss. The highway was clear, though wet when we passed by. Thank you Lord!

These are only two experiences we have had. There are other experiences, notable times of God’s evident protection. Perhaps I will share them at a later date.

After we arrived at a church for a series of services, I was sharing about God’s protection with the Pastor and his wife. They had some accounts of their own. The Pastor told how that when he was in the military, he along with another brother was following his pastor and his wife to conference. They stopped at a KFC to ask for directions (in a very bad neighborhood). While they were outside waiting, a man came up to his window and told him to give him some money. Brother commenced to tell that man that he needed to go to church. He told him “you need Jesus in your life.” The man began to tear up and told him “my sister is a Christian and she’s been telling me the same thing.” He then turned around and walked away. Meanwhile, his pastor and his wife quickly got into their car, and the brother that was riding with him told him, ” Brother! That man had a gun!.” He did NOT see it! The Pastor and his wife saw it. The passenger in his car saw it. But he himself did not see it! No doubt the Lord had something to do with that. What he saw was a man that needed Jesus. He freely received, he freely gave.

Psalms 18:2 The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

Up! MY High Tower

Down! The LORD is MY Rock

In! MY God

MY Strength

The Horn of MY Salvation

Out! MY Deliverer
MY Buckler


This scripture sounds very personal. Which indeed, it is. All of God’s promises are personal. Put your name on all of God’s promises for they are personal to you, to me, to “whosoever will.” We have a “personal” Saviour. He might be your Saviour, but he’s MY personal Saviour too. If He isn’t, He can be!

Later after service, and even after the called fellowship at the servicemen’s home, the pastor’s wife and I were fellowshipping together, and again began to talk about God’s protection. She shared a harrowing experience that happened to her in St. Louis when she went to Bible College. She said she worked downtown and her boss allowed her to type her notes for school. So being the diligent lady that she is, thought that she would go in early, type her notes and not have to worry about them. Being a single mother, she took her child to the babysitter. When she arrived at the babysitter’s at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, the sitter asked her, “what are you doing, it’s still dark outside?” Of course sister told her why she was going in early. The sitter told her, “sister, it’s not safe to be going to work now.” But being young and naive, she assured this sister she would be fine.

Where she had to catch the bus, wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods. In St. Louis, they call that area “The Patch.” She got to the bus stop and didn’t want to stand on the street. There was a business nearby with an overhang and a step, so she sat down. Soon a man rounded the corner in a rubber mask! When she saw him her initial thought was, “that man has vaseline all over his face.” He looked freakish! Just then, her baby sitter rolled up, threw open the car door and told her to “get in!”   It happened so fast that when she was safely in her friends car, she thought, “did I see what I just thought I saw?”  Her sitter, was so troubled about her friend going to work in the dark that she called the pastor and told him. The pastor said, “go get her!” I said, “praise the Lord, if she hadn’t come, you might NOT be here to tell me this story!” Of course she agreed. The Lord looks out for us, when we can’t look out for ourselves. Thank you Lord.

In the uncertain times that we are living in, it is comforting to KNOW that the LORD is watching out for His children and we are SAFE!

One verse from Amazing Grace says this:

Through many dangers, toils, and snares,

we have already come.

T’was grace, hath brought us safe thus far,

and grace will lead us home.

This short video touched my heart so much. I saw a spiritual analogy in it as I watched and will close with it.  God bless you, and hope to see you at conference.

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