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Us -Circa 2000 - 2002

This is us circa 2001, taken in a non-airconditioned studio in Angeles City, Philippines.  Hot very hot!





I follow a blog of a man who lives in Colorado and lives on a ranch.

He is a lawyer, who sometimes has me cracking up out loud.

He adores his wife whom he affectionately calls Miss Sugar.

Oftentimes he shares things about his talented wife.


I too want to share some things about my incredibly gifted husband.

 I can truly say,

he’s the loveliest  person

I know.


1. Full of love; loving

2. Inspiring love or affection.

3. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye.

4. Enjoyable; delightful.

n. pl. love·lies

1. A beautiful person



 He’s incredibly sincere about His love for Jesus.

He is willingly a fool for Christ.

If you ask him a biblical question,

he won’t give you his opinion,

but as his mentor would say to him

when he was young in the faith,

“What does the Bible say?”

Or go to such verse for the answer.

He’s generous, kind, loving, thoughtful, faithful and true.

He’s blessed many churches with his ministry;

 prayed for their sick; notable miracles have transpired.

 He also has blessed many with various

equipment for sound systems

for their churches,

or bought them something for their person,

home or children.

He has an incredible ministry.

 He’s not only an outstanding preacher,

but an amazing teacher as well.

 He can take profound truth from the scripture and make it simple.

He so desires for people to be students of God’s Word.

 He is eloquent, but not conceited.

He is brilliant, but not proud.

 He has a beautiful singing voice and can play many songs on the piano;

albeit only in the Key of F.

He’s artistic and is an awesome interior decorator.

He loves beautiful birds, butterflies, flowers

and anything of  beauty.

I don’t want to be writing this postmortem,

but give him his flowers while he lives and can enjoy them.

 I will show this post  to him after its published,

or it might not make it to posting.


There are other things to share

about this multi-faceted complex human being.

 Perhaps at a later date.





This is from my husband’s Facebook:



“For, behold, I create NEW heavens and a NEW earth:

and THE FORMER shall not be remembered,

nor come into mind.” Isa. 65:17

I confess “CHRIST IN ME – the expectation of GLORY!”

– therefore I am a NEW CREATURE!


-the “FORMER” THINGS shall not be remembered!

-that which was NOT in me – now IS!

-that which was OLD is now NEW!

-that which was SICK is now WELL!

-that which was DIRTY is now CLEAN!

-that which was once EMPTY is now FULL!

-that which was once PAIN is now PLEASURE!

-that which was POOR is now RICH!

-that which was LAME now WALKS!

-that which was BLIND now SEES!

-that which was DEAF now HEARS!

-that which was once ENDURED is now ENJOYED!

-that which was LOST is now FOUND!

-that which was BASE is now EXALTED!

-that which was WEAK is now STRONG!

-that which was UGLY is now BEAUTIFUL!

-that which was FOOLISH is now WISE!

-that which was TIMID is now BOLD!

 -that which was DARKNESS is now LIGHT!

-that which was DESERT now BLOOMS!

-that which was CURSED is now BLESSED!

-that which was CHAOS is now ORDER and HARMONY!

-that which was CROOKED is now STRAIGHT!

-that which was WRONG is now RIGHT!

-that which was once IMMORAL is now VIRTUE!

-that which was BROKEN is now WHOLE!

-the GRUDGE that once was is now FORGIVENESS!

-that which was once DEPRESSION is now JOY!

-that which was HATE is now LOVE!




*     *     *

Thank you dear husband for making

an unprecedented stand for Jesus.

   The truth of God’s Holy Word,

burns in your heart.

 To see Jesus glorified in these last days is your vision.


How about you dear reader?



This song encapsulates his heart:










*     *     *

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