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Psalm 18:33

 He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet,

and setteth me upon my high places.


Oh, at the eagle’s height,

To lie in the sweet of the sun,

While veil after veil takes flight,

And God and the world are one!

Oh, the night on the steep!

All his eyes saw dim

Grows light in the dusky deep,

And God is alone with him.

~G.W. Russell



Still Climbing

Few experiences match the challenge and exhilaration of

mountain climbing.

Those who participate in this exercise of endurance and skill

like to compare peaks and share experiences.

When European climbers get together to swap stories,

they often tell of passing a certain grave along the trail

to a famous peak.

On the marker is a man’s name and the inscription:

“He died climbing.”




To me, mountain climbing is a picture of the life of faith.

Throughout our lives we are to continue moving upward,

learning more about God, growing in our relationship with

Christ, becoming stronger in our battle with temptation,

pushing ahead in telling the lost about Christ.

The author of Hebrews put it this way:

“Let us run with endurance.”

The words with endurance may be translated

“with perseverance,”

or more commonly “to the end.”

Joshua was just such a man of God.

His “climb” began in Egypt and ended in the Promised Land.

He won great battles.

We are told “Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua”

(Josh. 24:31)

At the close of his life, Joshua was still urging Israel to serve

God faithfully. (v. 23)

Lord Jesus, help us to serve You faithfully.

May we still be climbing to the very end.





Higher Ground

I want to scale the utmost height
And catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I’ll pray till heaven I’ve found,
“Lord, lead me on to higher ground.”

~ J. Oatman Jr.

Faith grows stronger as we climb higher



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