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Hello Family and Friends,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  Veterans Day, the American holiday for honoring military veterans is quickly approaching. I appreciate our military, past and present, who stand and have stood in harm’s way to protect America; some paying the ultimate price. Christians have an Awesome God they can turn to in praying for their safety.  Here is one of many such answers to prayer.

When World War II began, 52 men from the town of Seadrift, Texas, on the coast of San Antonio Bay,  joined the service to defend both the United States and the world from the Axis powers. The men were sent to every theatre of war, Europe, North Africa, the Phillipines, Alaska, and the South Pacific. Most of the men were assigned to combat divisions of the service. Every branch of the military was represented.

Back home in Seadrift, Pastor Robert Caddell, along with the mothers, wives, and those too old and too young to enlist in the military, started a prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 10:00 am. The weekly prayer meetings quickly turned into daily prayer meetings.

Each of the men were remembered when the Pastor had the families bring pictures of those men to the church. The pictures were placed in a large frame and hung on the wall in the church. The collage of photos helped everyone remember the names of those serving. The men, women and children stood on the 91st Psalm, reading it aloud at each meeting, reminding them all that God was ultimately in control of the situations and the circumstances of each person involved in the war effort.

Mothers and Fathers prayed for their sons, wives for their husbands, brothers and sisters for their siblings, and thus the name, Seadrift Intercessors.  Everyone hoped and prayed for the men to be safe, healthy and to  make it home again. Many rumors and stories were heard about the conditions of war, but that information only strengthened the resolve of the people of the church to pray.

When Germany surrendered and Japan was defeated, all 52 men came home alive, and not a single man was injured!

Many testimonies came from those returning home. Some were involved in D-Day, the deliverance of the Philippines, and island hopping across the Pacific Ocean.

God had heard every prayer offered and miraculously protected each one!

Few of the men are still living today and most have gone to their eternal reward, but their memory lives on in the story of the 52 men from the church in Seadrift, Texas, who bravely and courageously answered the call to serve during one of America’s most dangerous times.

The church continues to pray today.  The church intercedes and God still hears and answers prayer. The picture collage is still in that church in Seadrift, reminding them that God is the final authority.

It is reported that, in every military conflict, whether Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, or the Liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan, men from this same church served with courage, the church prayed, God responded, and they all came back home.  

God honors the faith of His children both now and forevermore!

Thank you Lord God for your faithfulness to your children.  I love you.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Remember our elite military in prayer.

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