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White Sands Beach in Okinawa

White Sands Beach in Okinawa

Ephesians 3:20

 Now unto Him that is able

to do

exceeding abundantly

above all

that we ask or think,

according to the power that worketh in us,

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Okinawa is the largest of more than 140 islands in Okinawa Prefecture (of which only 47 are

populated). Measuring 67 miles long by 2 to 17 miles wide, and covering a total area of 454 sq.

miles, Okinawa’s highest point is Mt. Yonaha at 1494 feet. Often referred to as “Japan’s

Hawaii,” Okinawa’s average yearly temperature is 72° F , with an average of 82°F in July and

61°F in January, June to October is typhoon season; the rainy season lasts only from May to



 I would like to share some accounts of God’s goodness to us,

His pioneers, church planters.


We went in the late eighties to start a church and servicemen’s home in Okinawa, Japan.

  The Servicemen’s home is a ministry for single military men.

  The home itself is a place for

 them to live, a place to hang out and eat home cooked dinners.

It’s also a sweet

place to go after church, and fellowship and eat snacks,

goodies, whatever.


We have been in Okinawa three different times,

on assignment for The Lord.  The Lord did so

much for us the first time we went,

we would wake up in the morning and ask,

“Lord, what areyou going to today?”

Lord willing I will share that with you another time.

  We lived in an attitude of expectancy,

and The Lord never disappointed.


I want to share with you a specific answer to prayer,

I experienced the last time we were in

Okinawa, in the nineties.

  I have no sad stories to tell,

just a glorious answer to prayer and

God’s provision.


We arrived in Okinawa, to a large, very nice Servicemen’s home.

The work was well established and several Marines lived in the home.

The homes were

progressively better than the small bungalow

we started in, near Kadena Gate One and this

one was the best one yet!

  Also large homes in Okinawa are the exception,

rather than the rule.


We were immediately moved into the room

that Rev, K.  had  fixed

for the Servicemen’s

Director and wife.



*     *     *

It was more like a small suite than a bedroom and office.

When you entered the beautiful Rosewood door,

what greeted you was a small sitting room,

maybe 12′ by 7′;  just a guess, don’t know for sure.

   On the right, there was a wonderfully large window

that went from the ceiling to a wooden

 ledge that was about 2 feet from

the floor and about four  or five inches wide.

  The ledge ran the length of the window.

It was a great place to put

beautiful and exotic African Violets,

and we even had a white Phalaenopsis orchid,

which bloomed for months.

 Later we added a magenta Phalaenopsis orchid.

  On the wall facing you,

this same type of window went around the corner part of the way,

and then there was a regular window.

These windows had vertical blinds.

  There was a built in air conditioner below the ceiling.

 This room was bright and cheery.


Shoji Screen

Shoji Screen

On the left, opposite the window, we put glass opaque sliding

doors we exchanged from an unused part of the home to

replace the rice paper shoji screens that were there.

 So we had an opaque glass  wall on the

left side of the entrance doorway,

which let light into the small

bedroom, and privacy for both

rooms since you could not see through them.

 There was a small desk

in front of the glass wall.


The bedroom was small.

On the right upon entering it had a room

width window adorned

with  beautiful lace curtains.

It had, a queen size bed and  a nice large  closet that

Rev. K

had built, and a  ready made chest of drawers.


Also in the home and not being used,

 were wonderful oriental pictures which appeared to be original pencil etchings.

They were amazing drawings of a seascape and another one with mountains.

They were matted and framed with a woven type of green matting

that thoroughly

complimented the decor and color scheme.


What I want to share with you, is that I prayed for, and received

  curtains, a bedspread and

carpets for our space.  It was a space that embraced and welcomed

you when you entered.


I want to emphasize God’s beneficent love and care for me, as He

 provided these things and

exceeded what I expected.

*     *     *

That last time in Okinawa, my husband had recently  made

 a large pledge to the work of the Lord.

*     *     *

 We had a small bill, of maybe 11.00 a month,

not sure exactly, this was a while ago, after all.

After paying our obligations, that left us with enough money

to go to Burger King and order a Junior Whopper burger combo apiece,

with a small amount of change left.

This we would do on Sunday afternoon after church,

for a while, so we could go out with

the servicemen and their

families.  It was cheap to eat at the B.K. on base.


I am not complaining in any way, for we were well taken care of, but

only to show you how the

Lord blessed us so abundantly.  We put God first in our lives, and He

put us first as well.


I thought recently, no wonder the Lord has blessed us so much,

 just as the old song says:

“You can’t beat God giving, no matter how you try.

 And just as sure as you are living,

the Lord is in heaven on high.

 The more you give,

the more He gives to you.  

So just keep on giving because

it’s really true  you can’t beat God giving

no matter how you try.”




The day, Rev. and Sis. K. flew back to the states,

I distinctly asking The Lord for

curtains to cover the closet, since it was open, no doors .

It wasn’t beautiful to look at an uncovered closet.

 I also asked Him for a matching bedspread.


I don’t recall which scripture the Lord gave me ,

but I had assurance

in my heart that He had indeed heard my prayer

and I  fully expected Him to answer.


I already saw the comforters and curtains they had on base.

I didn’t see  saw anything I liked,

but to buy enough curtains  to cover the closet and along with a comforter was going to

cost a lot of money.


After I prayed, I went out of the sitting room into the area outside our suite.

There was a long cabinet to my right.

I thought,  “I might as well see what’s in this home.”

When I opened

the doors, I pulled out fabulously gorgeous taupe drapes.

I opened one and realized they were ceiling to floor drapes

that were made for the living room.

They were formal drapes for a very informal casual area.

The furniture was what we bought at a selvage

store the first time we went to Okinawa.

It formerly was property  of

the military that they had gotten rid of,

and we purchased a couple of wooden framed couches,

and matching chairs, along

with the blue and gold tweed fabric cushions made for them.

  Hardly beautiful, but practical and heavy duty.

I found out the housing authority who rents houses was going to

throw the drapes  away if Rev. K. didn’t want them.

They kept them, and all I had to do was cut the pleated drapes the length I

needed for the closet hem, and hang them.

One drape was used to make a

bedspread and matching pillow shams.

I dyed them, and they were a beautiful pastel blue –  green.

It had  beautiful motif’s scattered throughout

 that had a lot of metallic gold thread in them.

  Quite fancy and definitely elegant.

  I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I was thrilled, and oh so thankful to my Lord for graciously

providing the desire of my heart.

 Before I prayed, He had the answer prepared.

 It was just outside my door.  Just

like the Lord!  He already had the answer prepared before I even

prayed the prayer.


When I came back to the states, probably for a conference, I shared

with Mom Gaylord, a precious saint who along with her husband

went with us initially to Okinawa to secure a home for God’s work, how

the Lord had blessed me, and showed her a small sample of the

fabric she exclaimed, “My!”  This was after

she had a stroke; I knew she-was pleased.


Another said, “This material costs $50 a yard here!”

Indeed, the Lord blessed in His own inimitable way!


After I made it my space ,

and Jesus and I gussied it up,

it was  my all-time favorite Director’s bedroom we ever had,

at home or abroad.

 I absolutely loved it!

Thank you Lord for such  sweet place to live and enjoy!



Thank you for stopping by and please pray for America the Beautiful. He hears our prayers.

*     *     *

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